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Our mission is to unite African Jews from different countries and cultures and support their needs through a range of services, including connecting them with fellow members globally, offering resources to support their personal, educational, and career goals, and providing financial aid to those in need. Our platform serves as a gateway for bringing African Jews together and fostering a sense of unity and belonging, whether online or in person at one of our many events. We also celebrate Jewish heritage through tutorials, holiday activities, and more, preserving the unique cultural traditions of African Jews. Our program is intended for African Jews who value their cultural heritage and religious practices and helps them establish communities within Judaism while preserving their unique traditions.

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Step 1: Careful Planning

Identify and research job opportunities: In order to help African Jews find remote job opportunities, the first step would be to identify and research potential job openings that might be a good fit. This could involve using job search websites and databases, networking with professionals in various industries, and leveraging connections within the African Jewish community to identify job openings that might not be widely advertised.

Step 2: Develop and implement strategies for job search and career development

Once potential job opportunities have been identified, the next step would be to develop and implement strategies to help African Jews effectively pursue those jobs. This could involve helping them develop and update their resumes and cover letters, providing career coaching and mentorship, and assisting with job application processes.

Step 3: Foster a supportive community and provide ongoing support

Finally, it will be important to create a supportive community that can provide ongoing support and resources to help African Jews navigate the job search and career development process. This could involve establishing networking groups, offering job search workshops and seminars, and providing ongoing support and mentorship as individuals progress in their careers.

Empowering African Jews



Providing financial assistance to pre-screened individuals in need, such as the elderly or those facing burial expenses; offering resources for access to food and other necessities.


We connect communities with each other. Our mentor program will help in establishing links for members looking to grow and make a difference in their communities.


Providing resources for education and learning about African Jewish culture and traditions. This could include things like educational materials, workshops, or classes on topics such as Jewish history, culture, and customs.

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